Ovotrack Innovations


Ovotrack has introduced three modules to improve the management of packing and processing plants:-

  • Ovotrack Truck Weight

Ovotrack allows pallet weights to be recorded electronically.  This can be done either on a pallet- by-pallet basis or on the truck. Using the data from before-and-after weighing the truck on a weighbridge, weight can be distributed over individual pallets with nest-run eggs for packing or  processing. Data generated by the Ovotrack truck weight calculator obviates individual pallet weighing.

  • Semi-automatic palletizing

This software module correlates case labels with specific delivery pallets.  The module automatic creates a new pallet once the total number of cases is reached.  The module does away with the need to manually scan each case on a pallet.

  • Monitoring quality checks at point of receiving

This module informs operators receiving eggs whether samples have to be obtained for quality assurance or pathogen assays. It is also possible to warn operators that eggs are on hold due to flocks failing quality control or health standards.