Customs and Border Protection Confiscate Traditional Chinese Foods


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service (CPB) announced seizure of 1,272 pounds of moon cakes and 350 pounds of other prohibited food items illegally imported from China and other Southeast Asian nations.  It is traditional during the Mid-autumn Festival that took place during the first week of October to give and receive moon cake pastries containing egg products.  There is an obvious risk of introducing avian influenza and exotic Newcastle disease into the U.S. in partly cooked foods and confectionery. 

CBP Supervisory Agricultural Specialist, Ms. Barbara Hassan, stated, "our specialists perform a critical border security role in safeguarding America’s agriculture and nature resources from harmful pests and plant and animal diseases”. 


It is noted that the confiscations took place in Cincinnati, an inland port of entry.  It would be interesting to determine the extent to which CPB were able to interdict moon cakes and contraband food items along the West Coast points of entry in the U.S.