Avian Influenza Outbreak in the Netherlands Extends to Additional Farms


In a November 5th release by the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Food Quality of the Netherlands, it was disclosed that two adjacent farms with a total of 210,000 laying hens have been infected with an H5 strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza.  The farms are located in Puiflijk in the Community of Druten in the Province of Gelderland.  The affected farms with a biological connection are located less than 2 miles from the index farm diagnosed with H5N8 earlier this week.  The affected farms are about 7 miles from the Wageningen Agricultural Institute.

Congregation of migratory waterfowl are

reservoirs of H5N8

Affected area near Nijmegen

Six other farms within the two-mile zone are undergoing surveillance.  Appropriate precautions consistent with World Organization for Animal Health directives are in effect.  The Ministry also reported on the presence of dead wild birds in the northern region of the Netherlands.  Carcasses have been collected and are undergoing examination at the Dutch Wildlife Health Center.


The Ministry also advised all poultry farmers in the Nation to contain flocks to avoid contact with free-living birds that are evidently serving as reservoirs and disseminators of virus.