FSNS Debuts New Environmental Mapping And Data Management Program


According to a November 12th release Food Safety Net Services (FSNS) has launched EMMA an environmental monitoring and mapping application. This program, is directly integrated with the FSNS LIMS, and will allow food processors, plants, and facilities to manage environmental monitoring program and evaluate their data.


EMMA can be used as an approach to ensure timely collection and submission of samples for testing, and generate alerts with real-time status updates. Users of EMMA  can import one or multiple maps of various zones in facilities to pinpoint each unique swab site. Within the system, specifications can be created for a color-coded pass or fail map for both quantitative and qualitative sampling results. Users can easily retrieve and track data over time to monitor performance and ensure continuous improvement.


EMMA is fully customizable with solutions for routine and custom sampling plans, with the ability to establish remediation programs for specification outcomes.

For additional information, contact Jeff Carpenter, SVP of Strategic Alliances at Food Safety Net Services, 210-668-6561< Jeff.Carpenter@fsns.com>.


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