U.K. Egg Recall Over SE expanded to Additional Chains


According to an article in the Sunday Express on November 15th the egg recall as a result of an SE break on a specific farm has been extended to more national chains.


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has posted a statement on their website reading: “A very small number of the above eggs may be contaminated with salmonella, due to it being found in the environment. The eggshell surface might also be contaminated.”  The statement continued  “as a precaution, consumers are advised to thoroughly cook the eggs listed in the tables above, this means the egg yolks and whites should not be eaten runny. This will eliminate Salmonella and avoid risk of illness.”


Only England and Wales are affected in this recall and only specific batches from farm 15270 with three housing systems (free-range, barn and colony cage) are of concern.