Political Interference in the Development of Dietary Guidelines


On January 4th Politico reported on lobbying, influencing recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Committee responsible for compilation of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  It is understood that following representations made by representatives of the alcohol industry, the definition of ‘moderate drinking’ was retained at two drinks per day instead of one per day as recommended.  The Sugar Lobby was responsible for retention in the 2020-2025 Guideline that 10 percent of calories could be derived from added sugar.  The Advisory Committee suggested a maximum of six percent of caloric intake from added sugar.


Obviously in compiling the guidelines, it was not possible to satisfy every constituency.  Advocates for plant-based diets consider that there were insufficient restrictions on animal-derived protein.  Some groups promoting low-carbohydrate diets suggest that higher intakes of fat have led to obesity and metabolic disease.