Albertsons Companies to Suspend Delivery and Rely on Third Party Contractors


Albertsons Companies that encompasses Safeway, Vons and other banners will lay off delivery drivers and provide service through DoorDash effective March 1st. This Company is now a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize, parent of competing supermarket chains including Stop-and-Shop and Food Lion in the U.S., potentially creating a conflict.


According to an Albertsons company spokesperson, “the decision will allow us to compete in the growing home delivery market more effectively.”


The decision, essentially running contrary to the policies of other major chains to maintain curbside service and home delivery was possibly facilitated by passage of California Proposition #22 on November 3rd.


The commitment to DoorDash by Albertsons Companies has engendered criticism from the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.  Their president Marc Perrone stated, “Exploiting the passage of Proposition #22 to destroy the good-paying jobs of these dedicated frontline workers in the middle of a public health crisis is simply wrong.”