Costco Wholesale Reports on December 2020 Sales


Costco, regarded as a barometer of consumer demand, posted a 12.3 percent increase in sales for the five week period ending January 3rd 2021.  Total sales attained $19.14 billion, up from $17.04 billion in December 2019.  Costco Wholesale recorded successively monthly year-over-year increases over the corresponding months of 2019 amounting to16.9 percent in September, 15.9 percent in October, and 15.1 percent in November.


Comparable-club sales in December 2020 rose by 10.9 percent, excluding the impact of fuel and foreign exchange.  U.S. sales increased by 11 percent, excluding fuel, leading Canada at 5.7 percent although international increased by 15.8 percent. 


E-commerce sales increased by 62.5 percent, including the impact of foreign exchange.  Comparable club sales were lower during the preceding three individual months demonstrating a decline from 15.5 percent in September to 13.4 percent in November.