Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch to Install 2-Megawatt Solar Array


Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch has partnered with ES Services Company to erect a 2-megawatt solar array at the Green Meadow Organics facility in Saranac, MI. ES Services Company is a subsidiary of CMS Energy (CMS), a Michigan-based utility operating as Consumers Energy.


Cody Herbruck, Senior Manager of Capital Expenditure at Hebruck, stated “The solar project aims to lessen our impact on the environment by cutting down on our fossil fuel usage.”  He added, “We are excited to be able to source our energy in a sustainable way and bring this green energy to a rural area in Michigan.”  The solar array will extend over eight acres and will supply approximately one quarter of the power for the complex.



Herbrucks is assessing solar power at other facilities as part of an extended sustainability effort.  Currently the company converts bird litter to fertilizer, repurposes eggshells into a calcium feed ingredient, and uses environmentally friendly product packaging and wastewater management.