Sysco Supporting Restaurant Customers


COVID restrictions have severely impacted both casual dining and white-table restaurants. According to data prepared by the National Restaurant Association close to 20 percent of pre-COVID establishments closed permanently in 2020.  Sysco is therefore actively supporting their client base lobbying for financial support and grants.


In December 2020, Sysco launched the Restaurants Rising Program that waived delivery minimums on orders and maintained the frequency of deliveries.  The Sysco Shop platform has been extended to provide restaurants with price transparency.  The company is also assisting customers with outdoor dining solutions and sourcing space heaters to support operations during winter. 


The impact of restaurant closing, and other restrictions is evident in the financial results covering the first quarter of fiscal 2021 ending November 3rd.  Sysco reported a sales decline of 23 percent and a 37 percent decline in operating income affecting both U.S. food service and international operations.  For the quarter ended September 26th, Sysco posted net earnings of $217 million compared to $454 million for the corresponding first quarter of fiscal 2020.