Ban on Plastic Packaging by the Government of Jamaica


According to USDA-FAS GAIN Report JM2021-0002 issued on February 16th, the Government of Jamaica has implemented Phase III of a ban on plastic packaging.  According to legislation introduced in 2018, a ban was placed on the import, distribution, manufacture and use of commercial quantities of single-use plastics.  The first phase introduced in January 2019 applied to single-use plastics for containers below 25-gallon capacity.  The second phase implemented in January 2020 included polystyrene foam. 


The third phase effective January 2021 specifically applies to single use plastic bags and drinking straws.  Exemptions are in effect for packaging essential to maintain public health and food safety including packaging of raw meat, flour, sugar, rice and bread, subject to exemptions issued by the National Environment and Planning Agency.  It is understood that the ban will include the use of polystyrene packaging for eggs.