Dow to Collaborate with Meijer to Recycled Plastic


Dow has developed a process to incorporate post-consumer recycled plastic into a reactive elastomeric terpolymer material used for paving.  Meijer will recycle approximately six million pounds of plastic in 2022 through in-store collection in 258 supercenters located in six states.  The technology developed by Dow has been in use since 2017 in partnership with the Government of Indonesia.  The Elvaloy™ product is incorporated into hard-mix asphalt.  An initial application comprised resurfacing of a parking lot at a Meijer store in Holland, MI. that required approximately six tons of post-consumer recycled plastic. 


Vik Srinivasan, Senior VP of Properties and Real Estate at Maijer, stated “Reducing our impact on the environment through increased recycling is an issue that is important to us and is the reason why we believe this pilot project is one of the ways we can bring our current recycling efforts to full circle.”  C.J. DuBois, leader for Dow North American Paving, noted “Our collaboration with Meijer began two years ago.  This parking lot made with recycled content and our Elvaloy™ RET is one example of how we are continually creating new technologies and initiatives to transform used plastic into functional and valuable solutions.”