FSIS Publishes FY2021 Annual Plan


The Food Safety and Inspection Service has published the 2021 Annual Plan relating to prevention of foodborne disease.  In the coming fiscal year, the Agency will build on accomplishments during the FSIS Service Strategic Plan  for 2017-2021. 


According to Paul Kiecker, Administrator of the FSIS, the principal goal will be to prevent foodborne illness and protect public health.  This will be achieved through the second goal involving modernization of inspection systems and the use of scientific approaches to challenges.  FSIS intends to achieve operational excellence through enhanced recruitment and retention, training and improving service delivery. 


Planned activities include expanding non-O157 STEC surveillance beyond primary processing of beef to include ground beef and derived products.  The Agency will implement a pathogen-reduction performance standard for Salmonella in ground beef.  New standards will be proposed for Campylobacter in broilers, turkeys, and chicken parts.  A new guideline will be published concerning the destruction of Salmonella and pathogens in ready-to-eat products and the control of the organism in not-ready-to-eat products during cooling and non-refrigerated holding.