Canada To Introduce Regulations For Feed Additives


According to USDA-FAS GAIN report CA 2022-0025 released on July 29th, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will call for comments on proposed regulations to register feed additives that have the potential to modify the intestinal microbiome.  Despite the fact that these additives are regarded as GRAS, Canada will require registration in accordance with criteria to be developed, since they are regarded as specialty products.  The category will also include prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and essential oils in accordance with the legal definition-: Livestock feed products that, once fed, have a mode of action in the gastrointestinal tract of an animal.  This is achieved by acting on the feed itself while in the gut or by modifying the intestinal environment to provide a benefit to the animal as may be linked to a nutritional effect.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is soliciting comments on the proposed guidance document intended to establish safety and efficacy criteria.  The document can be accessed at <CFIA.AFP-PAA.ACIA@Inspection.GC.CA>.


The proposed regulation has implications for U.S. and international manufacturers of additives since  export to Canada will be controlled. In addition, in the interest of harmonization, USDA may develop and impose similar regulations on U.S. importers and manufacturers.