Big Dutchman Supplies Equipment for Prestige U.S. Kipster Complex



Based on extensive world experience and advanced technology, Big Dutchman USA was selected to supply installations for the four-house Kipster complex in N. Manchester, IN. The complex was designed by Kipster of Holland and is owned and operated by MPS Egg Farms Inc. Each of the houses holds 24,000 hens with a total projected average daily output from the farm of 200 cases per day, assuming normal U.S. production parameters and placement cycle.


Installations included:-

  • Big Dutchman Natura® Step aviaries were installed in two rows on either side of a central floor area in each house.  The aviaries incorporate tilt-floor nests with center egg-collection contributing to clean eggs and reduced floor laying.  The installation is also equipped with side egg-collection for eggs that are laid outside the nest area.  The Natura® Step installation conforms to U. S. welfare requirements with respect to feeding space, availability of water and perch space.
  • Big Dutchman OptiSec® manure drying systems were specified and contribute to sustainability.  Warm air from the aviaries is used to dry manure on belts with the potential to reduce moisture content to a level that facilitates handling and obviates fly infestation.  The OptiSec® system incorporates innovations to ensure durability and function of the perforated belts including specially designed pressure rollers.
  • Big Dutchman supplied the air-scrubbing systems to treat exhaust air, reducing odor, ammonia and dust in conformity to E.U. regulations.


It is intended to review the MPS- Kipster egg farm in a subsequent special edition of EGG-NEWS with details on innovations to achieve  high levels of welfare and sustainability.

Exterior of Kipster Houses.