Publix Named Newsweek Best Customer-Service Chain


Newsweek has ranked Publix as top supermarket in the retail food category for the sixth successive year. The award is based on customer surveys incorporating the range of services, interaction with employees, communications and willingness to recommend the chain.


In evaluating competitors, it is evident that the advantage demonstrated by Publix may be based on the fact that shareholding is, in large measure, vested in employees.  Company management obviously supports workers at all levels, especially those interfacing with the public. 


Not being a public-traded enterprise, the Board and Management of the chain can allocate capital and other resources to maintain the quality of service, cleanliness of stores, variety of offerings and satisfaction of consumers.  Pressure to “make numbers” and satisfy financial commentators and analysts are not valid considerations in the context of the company.  The minimal release of financial data suggests that same store sales growth and total sales may exceed those of public-traded competitors confirming the validity of an employee-owned model.