Finland to Destroy Fur-Bearing Animals Infected with Avian Influenza


EGG-NEWS previously reported on outbreaks of avian influenza in foxes farmed for pelts. As of mid-September twenty-six of the nation's approximately 400 fur farms have been infected resulting in euthanasia of 135,000 animals with an additional 115,000 killed on previously infected premises.


In 2022, a farm housing mink in Spain was depopulated as a result of emergence of avian influenza.  There is evidence in Finland that avian influenza H5N1 spreads among closely housed susceptible foxes and raccoons under confinement as a result of mutations that can emerge in avian influenza viruses


The action taken by authorities in Finland follows a decision by Denmark to depopulate mink farms housing 17 million animals during November 2020 as a result of emergence of a mutant strain of COVID-19.