Outbreak of H5N1 in Southern Alberta


According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, an outbreak of avian influenza (H5N1 strain) was diagnosed in a commercial mixed-species poultry flock on September 12th. Given chickens and turkeys and the small size of the flock, outside access is presumed. A control zone was established around the farm with surveillance. 


The case occurred in Warner County, southeast of Lethbridge approximately 70 miles north of the border with the U.S. The County includes a length of the St. Mary’s River and has numerous expanses of water.


Through September 1st 2023, Alberta recorded 57 previous cases of avian influenza requiring the depopulation of 1.4 million birds.  This is the first case of HPAI diagnosed in the province since mid-second quarter.


The outbreak just before the advent of fall is concerning as it indicates shedding by migratory birds.