U.K. Records Lower Antibiotic Use in 2022


According to a November 3rd U.K. report, sales of antibiotics for veterinary use in food-producing animals declined by nine percent from 2021 to 25.7 mg/kg in 2022.  Sales of antibiotics classified as ‘highest priority-critically important’ (HPCI, analogous to FDA designated ‘Medically Important’) attained 0.12 mg/kg., down 82 percent from 2014.


Among livestock species, administration of antibiotics to turkeys declined by 17 percent between 2021 and 2022 to 35.4 mg/kg. By comparison the use of antibiotics in U.S. turkeys attained 261 mg/kg RTC in 2021. Use of fluoroquinolone, apparently allowed under veterinary prescription in the U.K., attained only 0.0002 mg/kg in 2022.


Among broilers, antibiotic use actually increased by three percent from 2021 to 2022 to 14.1 mg/kg with no administration of HPCI antibiotics. By comparison in 2021 U.S. administration of antibiotics attained 7.8mg/kg RTC in broilers down 72 percent from 28mg/kg in 2016.


Among laying hens, antibiotic use declined by 29 percent from 0.33 percent bird days to 0.23 percent bird days.  No HPCI antibiotics were administered to laying hens.