Center for the Environment and Welfare Warns Against Donations to ASPCA and HSUS


The Center for the Environment and Welfare issued an advisory on November 16th to potential donors to consider local pet shelters on Giving Day. A survey of 2,000 pet shelters determined that 98 percent have never received financial assistance from either the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  Three-quarters of the respondents have difficulty in meeting financial obligations despite a high level of volunteerism among workers.


Operators of pet shelters are convinced that publicity and branding by both HSUS and the ASPCA are diverting funds from shelters that actually rescue and rehouse stray and unwanted animals in communities.  A review of tax returns for both HSUS and the ASPCA indicate minimal support of local grassroots pet shelters that are doing the heavy lifting.  High salaries for executives and managers, disproportionate fund-raising expenses and promotion are evident in the statutory IRS statements.


HSUS and the ASPCA are essentially politically oriented organizations involved in lobbying. Their management is more concerned with self-enrichment and status than reducing the quantum of euthanasia, amounting to more than 1.5 million pets in shelters each year.  Compliant boards of national organizations including HSUS, PETA and the ASPCA that are nominally responsible for policy, allow management free-rein with funding used to advance a pro-vegan agenda including measures to oppose intensive livestock production. This is evidenced in motivation and support for cage-free legislation through ballot initiatives.