Action by DOJ and FDA Against Dietary Supplement Manufacturer


On November 16, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a consent decree imposing a permanent injunction against Evig LLC from manufacturing and distributing dietary supplements under the Balance of Nature brand.


The company claimed on its website that products could treat a range of diseases including diabetes, asthma, cancer and COVID-19.  In addition, the company failed to conform to good manufacturing practices including establishing ingredient and finished product specifications relating to identity, purity and composition.  Essentially Evig was a bathtub operation making unjustified therapeutic claims. 


What is significant is that products were distributed through Amazon and Walmart.  It is questioned how buyers in these companies failed to establish the credentials of the manufacturer and also to determine that quack products were produced and marketed in violation of federal law.  It would be appropriate for these companies to review the range of supplements offered and to purge non-complying brands.