South Africa Apparently Short of Egg Products


The recent outbreak of H5N8 avian influenza has obviously impacted the South African egg industry. Data released by the South African Poultry Association indicates a total of 24 million layers in the Nation. If as many as 2 million have been depleted, it is possible that there would be shortages in the availability of egg liquid, since the South African industry operates with a hen population balanced to demand, and the restraints associated with short-term replacement of mature hens would result in shortages.

The American Egg Board received a trade inquiry from a trader for 40 metric tons of egg yolk powder. In round figures, this would represent 2.5 million eggs or 3.1 million hen-production days or the monthly output of 100,000 hens, which is not regarded as a significant quantity.


(SMS 2,018-17 December 12 2017)