The following news items will be reviewed in detail with comments in upcoming editions of EGG-NEWS and CHICK-NEWS:-

  • Sanderson Farms posts improved sales for FY 2017 but misses on EPS for Q4:- A posting on the Q4 and FY 2017 results for Sanderson Farms (SAFM) will appear in CHICK-CITE on December 15th documenting a 47% increase in EPS for FY 2017 ($12.30) compared to FY 2016.

  • Nutriad acquired by Adisseo: - Multinational producer of animal feed supplements , Nutriad, based in Belgium has been acquired by Adisseo a subsidiary of Bluestar of China. It is anticipated that the transaction will lead to synergy.

  • FDA report on antibiotic use by the U.S. livestock industry : The annual report on antibiotic use by U.S. producers will be reviewed and analyzed. Excluding ionophores, broiler producers consumed 3.8 percent of antibiotics sold (9.4 thousand tons) and turkeys posted use of 8.0 percent in the year preceding the VFD

  • Meal kit competition intensifies:- Kroger and Walmart have increased their volume and number of stores selling meal kits intensifying pressure on traditional suppliers including beleaguered Blue Apron.

  • New information on avian influenza:- Recent research on the molecular biology of avian influenza viruses will be reviewed with commentary on implications for future outbreaks and possible emergence of human pandemic strains

(SMS 2,040-17 December 17 2017)