Based on the importance of cage-free production, the USDA-AMS issues a monthly report on volumes and prices for the information of Industry stakeholders.

EGG-NEWS summarizes and comments on data and trends in the monthly USDA Cage-Free Report, supplementing the information posted weekly in the Egg Weekly Price and Inventory Report.

The report for the month of February 2018 released on March 5th 2018 documented a 0.4 million increase (2.7 percent) in flocks placed for Certified Organic egg production and a 1.2 million (3.4 percent) increase in cage-free flocks compared to January 2018, reflecting the realities of supply and demand in the market.

Average flock production was unchanged at 74.8 percent for both categories compared to the previous month (accepting USDA data), which is questioned given placement of younger flocks as denoted by the increase in flock sizes compared to January 2018:-

Flock Size (million hens)

Dec ‘17 Jan.’18 Feb. ‘18

Certified Organic

14.7 14.6 15.0

Cage-free hens

34.7 35.7 36.9

Total non-caged

49.4 50.3 51.9


Average weekly production cases, February 2018

Certified Organic

217,963 was 211,480 Jan. +2.9%


535,764 was 518,599 Jan. +3.2%

Total non-caged

753,727 was 730,079 Jan. +3.1%


Average Wholesale Contract Price Cage-Free Brown

$1.60/doz. Unchanged since October.

Range narrowed to:

FOB Negotiated price, gradeable nest run

$1.16 to $2.10/doz. (Av. $1.60/doz.)

$1.45 to $2.15/doz. (Av. $1.88/doz.)


Average Advertised National Retail Price C-F, L, Brown

$2.74/doz. ($2.64 Jan ‘18.) Dec ‘17.

USDA 6-Region

High: NE

$3.04/doz. $2.91 SW


Low: SC

$2.53/doz. $2.52 MW


See weekly USDA wholesale and retail prices posted in the EGG-NEWS Egg Price and Inventory Report E-mailed each Friday. Previous Monthly Cage-Free Report available under the STATISTICS Tab.