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Hamlet Protein was established in Denmark in 1989 by Ole Hansen to develop a specialty soy product with high amino acid availability.  The company launched a range of calf milk-replacer and piglet weaning feeds in 1993 and successively improved digestibility through enhanced processing.  In 2015 the company was acquired by Altor Funds, which invests in Nordic companies, in association with Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division.  Production in the U.S. was established in 2012 in a plant located in Findlay, OH.


Hamlet Protein produces HP AviStart a specialty protein supplement.  Incorporating AviStart into pre-starter or starter diets at levels of up to five percent optimizes feed conversion and produces a positive benefit-to-cost ratio.  HP AviStart incorporates specially processed and selected soy beans coupled with yeast derivatives.  The product contains a low level of anti-nutritional factors.  HP AviStart is available in both conventional and GM formulations.


Hamlet Protein provides detailed amino acid and other nutrient composition data including digestibility values to be incorporated in computer matrices.  In the E.U., HP AviStart has found an additional application in antibiotic-free diets.


For further information contact John Dickerson, Sales Manager, Poultry jcd@hamletprotein.com (567) 525-5627.