The following topics will dominate Congress and the Administration in the coming week in addition to items of interest to the poultry industry to be reviewed in EGG-NEWS and CHICK-NEWS:

  • Consideration of the 2018 Farm Bill: The comprehensive Farm Bill will be introduced into the House by the GOP this week. Partisan conflict over mandatory work or alternatively job training for at least 30 percent of SNAP recipients will delay passage, hopefully not beyond the September expiry of the existing Bill.

  • Farm Relief: Faced with retaliatory threats by China to place punitive and reciprocal tariffs on U.S. soybeans and ethanol has created anxiety in the Midwest. This has implications for the GOP in a mid-term election year. Possible ameliorative action could include Federal buy-backs and making available support for farmers from the Commodity Credit Corporation. These actions would ultimately increase the deficit and incur complaints to the WTO over subsidies.

  • Upgraded E-Verify Website: The website has been upgraded by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. The Department of Homeland Security is strengthening border surveillance, conducting raids and prosecuting employees of illegal aliens. It is incumbent on companies to verify eligibility for employment using the I-9 Form and E-verify system.

  • Cargill to Expand Big Lake MN Plant: An extension of the Big Lake plant and installation of equipment will cost over $20 million to increase capacity and widen the range of pasteurized egg products for Consumer and food service markets.

  • Are we to be the 12th Member of the TPP? Despite condemning the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a “disaster” and withdrawing the U.S. three days into his administration the President has now instructed his trade team to evaluate affiliation with the existing 11 Members. Canada and Japan are open to U.S. collaboration but will not consider modifications to the agreement