Boehringer Ingelheim Reports on Fiscal 2017


On April 25 Boehringer Ingelheim reported on Fiscal 2017 ending December 31, 2017.  Total revenues for the company amounted to $25.43 billion, an increase of 15.4 percent over fiscal 2016.  Pretax earnings were $3.427 billion but the net loss was $275 million.


Animal Health represented 25.9 percent of revenue and included companion animals, equine, cattle, swine and poultry.  The company did not breakout revenue by species.  Total revenue for the U.S. including human and animal pharmaceuticals and services amounted to $8.2 billion.  The company reported that 17 percent of revenue was invested in research and development in 2017.


The Volvac® brand of avian vaccines produced by Boehringer Ingelheim was extended following the Merial acquisition and now includes Marek’s, NCD, IBD and Salmonella vaccines.