Dried Egg Sample Kits for South Korea


In response to demand for egg products in South Korea, the USAPEEC office in Seoul has developed dried egg sample kits to be usde at trade shows and for commercial presentations. Kits demonstrate dried egg white, whole eggs and yolk.

The AEB participated in the project funding the kits and their distribution. During 2017, South Korea imported 7,281 metric tons of egg products compared to only 189 metric tons in calendar 2016. The increase was due to a devastating outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza which reduced the national hen flock by 25 percent. With subsequent restoration of flocks, imports of U.S. egg products have fallen with only 162 metric tons valued at $0.9 million purchased during the first quarter of 2018 compared to 1,024 metric tons during the corresponding period in 2017. Developing a presence in the market in South Korea for dried egg products is beneficial to the U.S. breaking segment of the industry, but it is evident that continual promotion is necessary to maintain volume.