Cal-Maine Foods to Change Charter Relating to Class A-Shares

Cal-Maine Foods Inc., a ‘controlled company’ under NASDAQ rules has convened a special meeting of shareholders on July 20th to approve a change in the charter relating to Class A Common Stock.  This is required to facilitate estate planning for the company Founder and Chairman-emeritus Fred R. Adams, Jr. who served as CEO from 1969 through 2010.


The change in the charter will not alter the status of the company. More than 50 percent of the voting power will held by a group comprising immediate family members exercising control over all of the 4.8 million outstanding shares of Class A Common Stock.


The proposed changes will allow the Management and Board to continue the legacy of Fred R. Adams but will not affect the character or strategy of the company.


Cal-Maine Foods (CALM) will announce Q4 and FY 2018 results on Monday 23rd July.

Fred Adams