EGG-NEWS Welcomes OVO-Vision as a Sponsor


OVO-Vision, located in Roermond, the Netherlands is an established provider of integrated production and financial software based on the Microsoft® Dynamics platform adapted for the egg and poultry supply chain.

OVO-Vision is based on the principle of collating and presenting information as an integral system allowing efficiencies in planning, production, tracing and control of costs.

Production software can be expanded to accommodate farms and flocks and can be integrated with feed production. Setup templates can be developed to schedule flock movement, vaccination, health monitoring and other management functions. Production data is entered using a smart phone or tablet and data can be retrieved and presented in both graphic and tabular form.

The software can be used to predict production levels given predetermined parameters and dates to accomplish both short- and long-term planning. Ovo-Vision can be combined with Ovo-Sales to prepare both marketing and financial budgets and to schedule inputs including packaging material, feed ingredients and pullet chicks.

Since the OVO-Vision system is integrated with accounting, it is possible to predict the return from a flock either as a simulation or to record actual performance.

Tracking of product in inventory is incorporated into the system integrated into financial reporting and allowing complete capability for trace-forward and trace-back.

OVO-vision incorporates electronic data integration involving production documentation and business transactions. EDI uses Microsoft dynamics NAV allowing unlimited access to data, documents and transactions. Data can be managed in-house on a company server or in the cloud.

OVO-Vision can be incorporated into the function of both Moba and Staalkat graders to balance production and to optimize efficiency. This is especially important for off-line plants. The software system takes into account customer specifications and labeling in relation to inventory.

Additional information on the OVO-Vision system is available on the company website which can be accessed by clicking onto the logo on the list of sponsors on the welcome page.