Raw Milk Dairy Implicated in E. coli Infection


Consumers of non-pasteurized milk purchased from Dungeness Valley Creamery were diagnosed with E. coli infection.  Accordingly the Washington State Department of Health has issued a warning to consumers although this action is questioned by the owners of the farm.  The dairy is supplied by 60 jersey cows on 38 acres and was certified as a raw milk producer in 2006.  The dairy was linked to an E.coli outbreak in 2009 and milk was recalled in 2013 after E.coli was determined in routine samples.  Raw milk is a vehicle for Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and if herds are infected also with Brucella and Mycobacterium.


Scientific investigations have failed to reveal any specific advantage associated with raw milk over pasteurized milk.  Epidemiologic data confirms that the small proportion of raw milk consumed in the U.S. is responsible for an overwhelming proportion of milk-borne infections.