FDA to Release Names and Location of Retailers in Recalls


The Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Agency, Dr. Scott Gottlieb has announced that his Agency will henceforth release the names and locations of retail stores which may have been supplied with a recalled food item. The new policy, which was published in the Federal Register on Wednesday, September 26th will be applied to “serious recalls” in which adverse health consequences to humans or animals may result from delays in a consumer response.

Gottlieb commented “Knowing where a recalled product was sold during the most dangerous food recalls can be the difference between a consumer going to the hospital or not.” He added “While we can’t prevent every illness, we can make sure we provide information to consumers to prevent more people from becoming sick from a recalled or hazardous food product.”

The need for greater transparency has been justifiably urged by food-safety attorney Robert Marler, reflecting the sentiments expressed by Dr. Gottlieb.