AccuPrinter to the Rescue


Recently a large egg producer received an order for 15 containers of tray-packed eggs for a Middle East nation. To conform to the import requirements it was necessary to imprint each egg with a plant code and dates of packing and expiry.


Diversified Agriculture, agents for the AccuPrinter responded to an urgent request to help with the printing specification. Within two days they delivered six AccuPrinters to the plant to process the order    The flexibility of the AccuPrinter allowed the packer to imprint eggs and complete the order generating the prospect of future sales.


The AccuPrinter allows packers to imprint eggs with any combination of a logo or up to three lines of text, achieving a highly legible appearance on the large-end of an egg, superior to any other jet printer. The design of the imprint is selected using a hand-held pad within minutes and is transmitted to the AccuPrinter using Bluetooth® connectivity. The AccuPrinter is compatible with Diamond, Moba and Staalkat installations and operates efficiently up to maximum packing rate.


Details for the AccuPrinter can be downloaded using this link:

PDF Presentation